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Fire damage

Fire Damage Restoration Contractors in Lexington, MA

Regardless of how big or small, a house fire is a horrific experience, but some of your headache can be eased by using Paul Davis Emergency Services of Newton, MA to take care of any effects. As forest fires happen more often in Lexington, MA, so does fire-related damage to houses. Paul Davis has almost fifty years of experience mitigating the destruction done to innumerable houses across the country, no matter how they were created. Click on the “Service Request” button to the right if you need urgent assistance. We provide affordable emergency fire damage cleanup and we try to get back to you in half an hour and get to your home inside 4 hours. At the time you you use Paul Davis Emergency Services of Newton, MA, you can expect the subsequent emergency fire damage services:

  • Urgent damage repair quotes
  • Assistance with your insurance company
  • Emergency quarantine and structural stabilization
  • Air purification, smoke odor elimination and sanitation
  • Drying out your home
  • Referral to a reliable fire damage restoration company

Get a Fire Damage Repair Quote Fast?

It’s important to have someone experienced to repair the issues that fires cause. There can be unsafe contamination due to the chemical reactions that result from fire which go way beyond the damage directly created by high temperatures. In homes fires, residual water from putting out the fire can create large amounts of damage to your residence. It’s possible to find quite a mess on your hands if you look at the grime that can coat tables, walls and floors. Postponing work or using a firm without appropriate certifications and technology can make expensive repairs later on. Your considerate, qualified remediation and damage professionals from Paul Davis Emergency Services of Newton, MA have the skills to fix any problem caused by a fire. Dealing with smoke problems is also one of our fortes, click here for additional resources.

What Happens if you Hire Paul Davis?

A Paul Davis technician will investigate the situation, noting each factor. At the time we make a clear roadmap, it’s incredibly vital that every piece of the damage is found. Infrastructure inside your house could be harmed by fire or water without seeming to be damaged. Constructing on top of problem areas like these could lower home values and increase costs later on, and these costs are less likely to be compensated by insurance providers. The repairs will be fixed swiftly and carefully when we do a comprehensive review.

Isolate the Non-Hazardous Parts of Your Home

The infrastructure of your property can have dangerous risks when fire and water combine. To protect your family, we separate the risky parts of your home from the undamaged ones.

Expel Excess Water and Dry the Waterlogged Spots

Throughout our Lexington, MA winters it’s especially tricky to pump any remaining water. These leftover patches can become a great home for mildew or mold growth which makes additional damage. Our specialists will rapidly remove leftover water and start completely drying all areas right away so that rot can’t take hold.

Why Choose Paul Davis Emergency Services of Newton, MA?

Appropriate certifications and knowledge are critical. Paul Davis is relied on throughout the US and Canada because we have exceptional knowledge and experience. We have remedied damage of every scope and size and we are prepared to provide a quote on your emergency fire damage remediation. We know you will not have regrets in choosing Paul Davis Emergency Services of Newton, MA.

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