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Fire damage

Fast Fire Damage Cleanup Estimates in Chestnut Hill, MA

No matter how small or big, a house fire is a horrific experience, but some of your hassles can be relieved by using Paul Davis to fix the damage. Fire harm to homes is starting to become more prevalent as the amount of forest fires in Chestnut Hill, MA goes up. Paul Davis has close to half a century of knowledge mitigating the destruction done to numerous residences across the nation, no matter how they were created. If you need fast assistance, please give us a call or click on the “Service Request” button to the right. We offer affordable emergency fire damage cleanup and we try to respond within half an hour and be at your residence within 4 hours. If you hire us, you will be able to expect these urgent fire damage services:

  • Urgent damage remediation estimates
  • Help with your insurance provider
  • Emergency quarantine and structural stabilization
  • Smoke odor elimination, sanitation and air purification
  • Drying out your home
  • Referral to a reliable fire damage restoration firm

Get a Fire Damage Repair Quote Fast?

Cleaning up the destruction caused by fires requires the right knowledge. There can also be dangerous pollution from the chemical reactions that originate from fire which go way beyond the damage directly initiated by heat. The excess water resulting from expelling your home’s fire can cause major amounts of harm to your house too. Add to that unsafe soot that can cover walls, floors and tables and there’s quite a mess on your plate. Putting off repairs or using a company that doesn’t have appropriate equipment and certifications can make costly repairs down the line. Problems started by a fire is no sweat for the knowledgeable remediation experts at Paul Davis. Fixing smoke damage is also one of our fortes, click here for more info.

What Should I Expect if I Use Paul Davis?

The location of the fire will be thoroughly checked out by a Paul Davis technician. When we start a precise roadmap, it’s incredibly vital that every part of the harm is found. As an example, a wood floor that seems to be in fine shape at first appearance might actually be warped as a result of damage from water, or fire might have deteriorated lower support joists. Building on top of issues like these would lessen house values and increase expenses later on, and these costs are not as likely to be paid by insurance companies. The repairs will be remedied swiftly and carefully when we perform a comprehensive inspection.

Section Off Hazardous Spaces

The combination of fire and water can leads to critical hazards for the infrastructure of your house. We separate the dangerous areas of your house from the non-hazardous parts so you can be safe.

Dry the Area by Pumping Extra Water

Throughout our Chestnut Hill, MA winters it’s especially tricky to expel any residual water. These leftover patches are a perfect place for mold or mildew advancement which makes extra damage. Our technicians will rapidly expel the water and move on to totally drying everything immediately so that rot can’t grow.

What’s the Paul Davis Emergency Services of Newton, MA Difference?

Relevant certifications and expertise are essential. Paul Davis Emergency Services are depended on across the country because we have unparalleled experience and knowledge. We’ve remedied destruction of every scope and size and we’re pleased to offer a quote on your urgent fire damage repair. We know you will be pleased with your choice when you hire Paul Davis Emergency Services of Newton, MA.